About Us


Tyler Juarez and Felix Diaz Jr are Licensed Cosmetologist. With a combined 14yrs experience in the Lash Industry, these guys are very passionate about their craft. Because of their love and passion for the Lash Industry they decided to create King LASH the brand. To provide high quality but affordable Lash Supplies.

 Their passion & drive come from their upbringings. They both come from similar family backgrounds. Low Income Families , struggling to make ends meet. With this humble upbringing, Tyler and Felix knew they wanted more of a chance to become something for themselves and to make their parents/families proud.

This Lash journey hasn’t been easy and has been long awaited. With so many set backs and hours of trial and error.

King LASH is finally ready to be shared with you ALL.
They hope you love their brand just as much as they do.